Carson Palmer before, after injuries

2010-12 QB Comparison

ESPN's Ed Werder expects Carson Palmer to join the Arizona Cardinals via trade from the Oakland Raiders within the next 24 hours.

That should allow for another 15 or 20 Palmer-related blog posts before there's anything official to talk about.

This one expands upon the item sizing up Palmer's last couple seasons, which should not be confused with the item on Palmer's 2012 production, which was separate from the one appearing 43 minutes before that one appeared.

The chart at right might look familiar. I pulled it from one of the earlier items.

The chart below is new. It divides Palmer's career as a starter before and after Palmer suffered significant injuries. Palmer suffered a career-threatening knee injury during a January 2006 playoff game against Pittsburgh. Elbow trouble sidelined him for 12 games during the 2008 season. His conventional stats have remained fairly consistent through these injuries, with slight incremental declines in NFL passer rating. I would have expected more noticeable declines.

We do not have Total QBR data before 2008. Palmer's QBR score since 2009 stands at 49.9. The QBR scores for winning teams was 70.3 over that span, compared to 33.7 for losing teams. Palmer has been right around average by that metric, which aims to measure a quarterback's contributions to winning.

Carson Palmer Career Stats as Starter by Health