Dolphins' new 2013 uniforms leaked

The Miami Dolphins have had bad luck keeping their new logo and uniforms a secret. First, the logo leaked via social media too early several weeks ago. On Tuesday, Miami’s new unis also were discovered too prematurely.

Here is a link of how the Dolphins' uniforms will look in 2013. It was leaked by a Jacksonville television station which took the picture at Nike’s headquarters. The same aqua blue is prevalent in both home and road uniforms. But the traditional orange stripe on Miami's helmet and pants appear to be missing, at least from the angle of this photo.

The early timing of the uniform release doesn't make a huge difference outside of those with the Dolphins. Technically, the team should be the first to release these things. But with the internet and social media, news travels fast and things like this can happen. The Dolphins are expected to make their official release of the 2013 uniforms later this week.