Bottom line for Russell, Tebow is the same

Friday, for the first time in nearly three years, JaMarcus Russell participated in NFL-related activities.

He worked out for the Chicago Bears. The Bears are not expected to sign Russell at this point, but it is a start for him. He worked out for the Redskins and the Dolphins in 2010 after being cut by the Oakland Raiders in May, 2010. The No. 1 overall draft pick in 2007 is widely considered one of the biggest NFL draft busts of all-time.

As Russell was looked at by the Bears, another high-profile former AFC West quarterback, Tim Tebow, is wondering how long it will take for him to get back into an NFL building. Tebow has heard crickets since being cut by the New York Jets this spring.

There has been exactly zero interest around the league in him. The word is the former Denver quarterback could perhaps garner some interest if he is willing to switch positions, most likely to tight end. Thus far, Tebow has been reluctant to leave his quarterback days behind him.

With Russell getting another look, many league observers have wondered why he, but not Tebow, is getting another chance?

My take on the situation is neither former AFC West player is owed anything. Russell is beyond fortunate Chicago looked at him, and Tebow would be as well if another team gives him a look.

Nothing is owed to these players. They were both given chances. They were both first-round choices. The Raiders and the Broncos put in a ton of money and time into these two players. Both teams wanted these players to be stars. They didn’t work out, albeit for two completely different reasons.

Russell was immensely talented, but he didn’t show the heart and the head to succeed. Tebow had a hall of fame work ethic. But he couldn’t show he could be an NFL-style quarterback. That is kind of important in the NFL

So while Russell gets some NFL relevancy Friday, Tebow is still waiting for his call. If either truly gets another chance to be an NFL quarterback, it is up to them to make it work.