On the Jaguars' interest in Desmond Bishop

The Jacksonville Jaguars have picked their spots very carefully with outside veterans.

Former Green Bay linebacker Desmond Bishop may be one of those spots.

Per Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars are interested in Bishop.

Bishop’s been an inside guy in the Packers. Over at the NFC North blog, Kevin Seifert considers how Bishop would fit in Minnesota, with the Vikings a primary suitor.

"…[F]rom a football standpoint, I don't see how anyone could argue against making Bishop the Vikings' middle linebacker and using [Erin] Henderson and Chad Greenway as the outside linebackers. That's how good Bishop is when he's healthy."

Jacksonville, too, is a 4-3. But while the Vikings would move people to get Bishop in the middle, the Jaguars would put Bishop outside, leaving Paul Posluszny in the middle.

Currently, Geno Atkins and Russell Allen are in line to start as the Jaguars' outside linebackers. Bishop would push one out of the starting trio.

I asked ESPN.com's resident scout, Matt Williamson, about Bishop playing outside.

"My initial thought was no, but thinking about Seattle's D, which I assume Jacksonville will employ, maybe Bishop can play the every-down K.J. Wright role at strongside linebacker," he said. "Bishop is a real good, productive football player when healthy."

I suspect Minnesota, and perhaps even Chicago, will be a stronger suitor than Jacksonville. But it’s definitely of interest that the Jaguars are curious.