ChatWrap II: Randall Cobb's contract year?

Bubba caught me off guard in Tuesday's SportsNation chat when he/she asked about recent contract news:

Bubba (Green Bay)

Does Victor Cruz's new contract paint a picture of what we may see Randall Cobb get?

Kevin Seifert (2:17 PM)

That and Percy Harvin, yes, but we're probably a year or more away from that as a serious discussion.

It seems like yesterday when Cobb was scoring two touchdowns in his first NFL game for the Green Bay Packers. But he is entering the third season of a four-year contract, making it possible the Packers will seek to extend him sometime in the next calendar year. (The deal expires after 2014.)

Both Cruz and Harvin were one year away from unrestricted free agency when they signed their recent contracts, just as Cobb will be after the 2013 season. Harvin received a six-year, $67 million deal from the Seattle Seahawks with $25.5 million guaranteed, while Cruz just signed his six-year, $46 million deal from the New York Giants that includes $15.6 million in guarantees.

Harvin's status as a multi-dimensional threat added to his value over that of a standard 1,000-yard receiver like Cruz. The Packers have used Cobb in the backfield, albeit less frequently than the Minnesota Vikings did with Harvin, and are hoping but not certain that he won't have to return kickoffs or punts in 2013.

Regardless, Cobb was the Packers' leading receiver in 2012, and he could solidify value in the Cruz-Harvin range with a commensurate performance in 2013. So yeah, Bubba, you're on to something.