Revis locking down NFL's elite receivers

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- When Randy Moss was 175 feet away, Darrelle Revis still had him covered.

"If he went to the bathroom, I went with him," Revis said. "Even our sideline, when our offense was on [the field] I was sitting right across from him, wherever he was sitting on the bench."

Revis diligence worked. The New York Jets cornerback allowed Moss four catches and 24 yards in Sunday's 16-9 victory over the New England Patriots. Revis also intercepted a long pass intended for Moss down the right sideline in the first quarter.

"He can tear you apart," Revis said of Moss. "I just tried to be physical. I tried to use a little bit of a finesse game at the line, just try to mess around with him" by faking jams and backing off on occasion.

Revis is solidifying his reputation as a premier shutdown corner. He limited Houston Texans star Andre Johnson to four catches and 35 yards in the season opener. Johnson had 10 catches for 149 yards and two touchdowns Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

So in two games, Revis has given up eight receptions for 59 yards to a pair of elite playmakers.

Moss, who had 12 catches Monday night against the Buffalo Bills, wasn't impressed with Revis individually.

"All week he was talking about being a shutdown corner," Moss said, "but there really are no shutdown corners in the league because they have help most of the game. I probably could be a shutdown corner if I had [Patriots safety Brandon] Meriweather over the top for the whole game. I think I could be a corner.

"You have to give credit where credit is due. I’m not taking anything away from their whole defense, secondary, defensive line, linebackers. They made plays, and we didn’t get things done. You have to give credit when it’s due, and they did a hell of a job today."

A good cornerback has a short memory. That football chestnut generally pertains to plays when they're flambéed to a crisp.

Revis believes that concept should be applied to great games, too.

"You've got to have a short memory every week," Revis said. "I go up against the top wide receivers in this game, and as a secondary we do, too. It's our job to forget victories and focus on the next opponent."