Griffin on Vick, bounties, new-look Eagles

Washington QB Robert Griffin III just did a conference call with the Philadelphia media. Here are a few quick highlights, with commentary from yours truly:

On preparing for contact after nine months: "You don't really worry about it. I don't think anybody prepares to get hit. It just happens. That's football."

(That will come as a surprise to all the players who just endured four preseason games.)

On being recruited to Oregon by Chip Kelly: "I met Coach [Kelly] a few times. We've talked. I've always been a big fan of what he's done at Oregon with the offense. I thought about going to Oregon. It just didn't work out, but it was nothing against Coach."

(Going to Baylor worked out pretty well for Griffin. Scary to think of the numbers he might have amassed under Kelly, though.)

On preparing for Eagles, a team he dominated last year: "It's a whole different team. Lot of new faces, new coach. They're trying to bring in a lot of change to that organization to start winning football games. We're not taking them lightly at all. It's hard to study. You can't go off four preseason games. We understand that. It's not going to catch us off guard if they do something we haven't seen on tape."

(He didn't sound all that worried, frankly.)

On Michael Vick: "Vick was definitely a guy, it was hard not to watch him. He was a lot of fun to watch out there playing, doing a lot of good things -- not just running the ball, but also throwing the ball."

(Hmm. Sounds like the rest of us describing young Mr. Griffin.)

On the concept of defenses countering read-option by hitting QBs: "I don't know what to expect from defenses. They're always going to try to throw something special at you. But you've got to be careful when you talk about targeting quarterbacks. That sounds a whole lot like a bounty to me."

(Nicely played, planting that idea before taking a single hit this season.)