Texans' headsets went out in Baltimore

HOUSTON -- Asked about what change in tempo he'd like to see from his offense this week, Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak corrected the premise.

It seems that earlier this week when Kubiak mentioned his concerns about the tempo in Baltimore, he was specifically talking about communication problems the Texans had when their headsets malfunctioned.

"We had some communication problems," Kubiak said. "I think I mentioned that. Our headsets went out for a portion of the game and we didn’t respond to that very good. So we have to be prepared to do that. That’s more of what I was talking about than anything. As far as the tempo, obviously, we need to still [move] on the field better. That creates tempo, you making some third downs. It’s just overall play is what I’m talking about. My reference at that point was about the headsets."

Kubiak added that headset problems tend to happen on the road. (A few years ago, I remember then-Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio specifically citing headset problems he thought were a trend in New England.) So the Houston Chronicle's John McClain asked Kubiak if visitors' headsets ever went out at Reliant Stadium. The coach smiled at the question.

"I don’t know," Kubiak said. "I’m not on the other side, so I don’t know."