Sherman one-ups Luck on big words

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman wasn’t about to let his old college friend get the best of him in the big-word game.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, Sherman’s teammate at Stanford, referred to Sherman as “vociferous,” meaning someone who expresses feelings or opinions in a loud or forceful manner.

But Sherman was ready to go head-to-head with his cerebral buddy when Sherman was asked about Luck on Wednesday. The two NFL stars face each other Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“He’s an incredibly perspicacious guy,” Sherman said, using a word that means having an ability to notice and understand things that are difficult or not obvious.

Apparently, these guys know each other pretty well, regardless of what words they use. And both of them have some smarts.

Luck graduated from Stanford with a degree in architectural design. Luck’s father, Oliver, who played quarterback for the Houston Oilers, is the athletic director at West Virginia and was a finalist for a Rhodes Scholarship.

Sherman graduated from Stanford with a degree in communications before his senior year, and began a master’s degree program in his last year of eligibility. So he wasn’t about to let his friend get the best of him on an intellectual level.

“He looked like he wanted to show some extensive vocabulary,” Sherman said. “I wanted to get in there with him.”

Sherman is known for his trash-talking skills, so will he let Luck hear it if Seattle wins Sunday?

“Me and Drew might have a conversation or two, but nothing bad,” Sherman said. “There’s no bad blood between us. That’s my guy.”