Jerry on Romo being disliked: 'He's relevant'

Forbes magazine released its annual Most-Disliked NFL Players list last week, and while quarterback Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles tops the list, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was disliked by 32 percent of the respondents.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who knows a thing about marketing, seeing how his team is the most valued in the NFL, offered an opinion as to why Romo isn't liked.

"I think you got to be relevant and I think he's very relevant," Jones said Tuesday morning on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM. "The people of football, when they watch him play, they watch his release, they see how savvy he can be. Then he's very relevant, and when that relevancy does not fit each of our idea of 'Boy, what he ought to be doing [and] where he ought to be as a success.' It's about expectations; all of that comes to play. I don't think Tony, from the standpoint of personality, I don't think Tony in any way is something inordinate enough to degrade on people. I just think it's a question of he's a guy who goes out here, he's going to try to keep the play alive."

The poll by Forbes was conducted by E-Poll Market Research, which polled 1,100 people ages 13 and up.

One thing that hurts Romo is his inability to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl. He's produced one playoff victory in his career, and some of his biggest failures have occurred in prime-time games.

Playing for the Cowboys, dubbed America's Team, also doesn't help in his cause because some fans will dislike the the team and its quarterback regardless of what they do.

Romo just completed the 100th start of his career in Sunday's victory over the Eagles.