Power Rankings: No. 1 Kansas City Chiefs

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To the NFL’s last unbeaten team goes certain privileges. One of them is that the 7-0 Kansas City Chiefs are No. 1 in this week’s ESPN Power Rankings.

The Chiefs have a lot going for them, most importantly a defense that has choked off seven opponents for long stretches. But have we seen enough of them to say definitively they are the league’s best team?

They certainly have to be in the discussion, along with the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. Much of the discussion is subjective, but this is fact: The Chiefs and Saints are the only teams from this group that haven’t played any of those other top-ranked teams.

So we’re not sure how they would stand up if they, say, had to go to Indianapolis to play the Colts, as the Broncos did last week. Kansas City’s best win, according to ESPN’s rankings, was its 17-16 victory over the Dallas Cowboys last month at Arrowhead Stadium. The Cowboys are No. 10 now.

The Colts have wins over the Seahawks and Broncos, but also a home loss to the Miami Dolphins. Seattle has that loss to the Colts, but a win over the San Francisco 49ers. The Saints and Broncos have, like the Chiefs, played weak schedules except for their single defeats (New Orleans at New England, Denver at Indianapolis).

So if I’m voting, I have the Chiefs at No. 2, behind the Seahawks and ahead of -- in order -- the Colts, Broncos and Saints.