Upon Further Review: Chiefs Week 9

An examination of four hot issues from the Kansas City Chiefs' 23-13 win over the Buffalo Bills:

Bye bye, Chiefs: Though there might seem to be a better time for the Chiefs to have their bye than while on a nine-game winning streak, nobody was arguing the timing. "This comes at a reasonable time," coach Andy Reid said. "The guys have been going for quite a bit of time with training camp and the nine games here. I don't think it's a bad time. I've got a mature bunch. I think they'll handle it the right way." The Chiefs have the normal collection of bumps and bruises but no significant injuries that need time to mend. But the break gives the Chiefs a chance to regroup before their Nov. 17 game for AFC West supremacy against the Broncos in Denver. "It's a chance to catch our breath a little bit," quarterback Alex Smith said.

Tying the record: The Chiefs allowed just 13 points against the Bills and haven't given up more than 17 points in any of their nine games this season. That equals the NFL record of nine consecutive games allowing no more than 17 points. It is held by the 1977 Atlanta Falcons. The Chiefs' quest for 10 straight figures to be challenged in its next game against the high-scoring Broncos.

Scoring on defense: The Chiefs won by getting only three field goals from their offense. Both touchdowns were scored by their defense. The Chiefs through nine games have seven touchdowns from their defense or special teams, or almost half of the 16 they've scored on offense. The Chiefs have more than a few things to figure out before playing against the high-scoring Broncos. Kansas City had a season-low 210 yards against Buffalo and failed to score a touchdown on its only trip inside the Buffalo 20. A strength early in the season, the Chiefs are now below 50 percent when it comes to scoring a touchdown after getting inside the red zone.

Breaking the Buffalo jinx: The Chiefs hadn't defeated the Bills in Buffalo since 1986, a streak that included two defeats in the playoffs and four in the regular season. The Chiefs have busted some other hexes this season. They traditionally play poorly in Florida but beat the Jaguars in Jacksonville in the season opener. Then last month the Chiefs won their annual meeting with the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium for the first time since 2006.