Poll results: Rams fans want Saffold

In light of the past 24 hours, it doesn't appear like St. Louis Rams fans are going to get their primary wish when it comes to free agency.

On Friday afternoon, I posed a question to you readers asking what one move you'd like to see the Rams make in free agency? With nearly 2,000 votes cast, the results were overwhelming. As of Monday morning, 47 percent of you said you wanted the Rams to re-sign offensive lineman Rodger Saffold.

By now, of course, it's been reported in multiple places that Saffold isn't going to be coming back to the Rams which means the team will allocate funds elsewhere. It remains to be seen whether the Rams will extend themselves on a big contract for any player in a market that figures to have its fair share of mid-level players available at mid-level prices.

For what it's worth, here's how the voting looked Monday morning:

Re-sign Saffold -- 47 percent

Sign a safety -- 24 percent

Sign a veteran receiver -- 11 percent

Sign a cornerback -- 10 percent

Sign a different offensive lineman -- 8 percent

So based on those results, a majority of fans voting prefer to see the Rams add help on the offensive line whether it's Saffold or someone else. It's also interesting to see cornerback come in behind not only safety but receiver amongst voters.

There's no doubt the Rams could use a safety, especially a veteran one, but I thought cornerback might get a bit more attention in light of some of the names the Rams have been connected to at that position.

With Saffold likely off the table as an option, perhaps signing multiple mid-level types at spots like safety, guard and cornerback might be the route the Rams take. As always, free agency is a fluid situation that can change at any moment. The good news is that we'll finally get to stop speculating and start seeing results in a little more than 24 hours.