J.J. Watt torments Bills in latest loss

HOUSTON -- At times, it wasn't even fair.

The Buffalo Bills couldn't stop J.J. Watt in Sunday's 23-17 loss to the Houston Texans. No matter where he lined up, he couldn't be blocked. And when he snagged an EJ Manuel pass out of the air in the third quarter, he couldn't be chased down to prevent an 80-yard touchdown.

It was that rumbling score that erased a Bills lead and breathed fire into NRG Stadium. After that point, the Bills had an uphill battle.

"One of the keys was to make sure that he wasn't going to make that big disruptive play prior to the game, and he did," Bills coach Doug Marrone said. "He made a lot of plays."

Watt accounted for nine of the Texans' 16 quarterback hits on Manuel. For some perspective, the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, and San Diego Chargers combined for eight hits on Manuel through the Bills' first three games.

He didn't turn off his motor after the game:

Watt was apparently upset at the Bills for some aggression after plays that weren't flagged.

"I was upset. I get personal fouls called against me all day. I get some extracurriculars done to me, and I don't see repercussions on the other side, but that's fine," Watt said. "That's kind of how the game goes when you try to play the way I play. The guy on the other team is gunning for you and trying to rile you up."

Watt and Manuel met frequently in the backfield. Watt was arguably too powerful for his own good, reaching Manuel but being flagged for roughing the passer twice.

Despite the pressure, Manuel said he wasn't too thrown off by Watt.

"He wasn't in my head. J.J. is a great player, and we knew coming in that he was going to have his opportunity to make plays or that he was going to get in the back as much as he could," Watt said. "But no, he wasn't in my head."