Things we learned about the New York Jets

Jets coach Rex Ryan watched his team stumble badly in a 43-23 loss to the Bills. AP Photo/Seth Wenig

A few takeaways on the New York Jets' 43-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills:

1. I think Geno Smith has lost a lot of support in the locker room. There were a lot of non-answers from players when asked the Smith-Michael Vick question. Previously, those players were quick to back Smith. Willie Colon, one of Smith's staunchest supporters, responded this way: "It's not my call, it's not my call. I would never make that kind of comment. At the end of the day, the coaching staff and the powers-that-be have to make that call." It was interesting phrasing by Colon. If they stick with Smith, it will be seen as a transparent, behind-the-curtain move by general manager John Idzik. And Rex Ryan would have to live with the ramifications in an unhappy locker room.

2. The most frustrating thing about Smith is that he continues to make pre-determined decisions, focusing on his first read. All three interceptions Sunday came on plays in which he stared down the intended receiver, seemingly deciding before the snap where he was going with the ball. His first interception hung up in the air because defensive tackle Kyle Williams got into his legs, but the second and third picks came under no duress. End result: A 0.0 passer rating. It's time for Smith to take a good, long seat on the bench.

3. I don't understand this: Your quarterback just threw his second straight interception -- he's obviously rattled -- and you need to settle him down. But how does offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg react? He comes out throwing on the next possession. First play: Incompletion. Second play: Interception No. 3. How about a couple of runs to let him regain his composure?

4. The Jets continue to lose games in mind-boggling fashion. They ran 28 more plays than the Bills (81-53), compiled nearly twice as many first downs (22-12) and controlled the ball for 32:17 but still got blown out of their own building. That's what six turnovers will do. In the previous game, they became the first team in NFL history to lose a game after posting 40 minutes of possession time, 200 rushing yards and committing no turnovers.

5. Trust me, it'll get worse. It always does in this type of season.

6. I give Percy Harvin credit for learning enough of the offense in a week to play 44 of 84 snaps, but I have to question how he was used. He played mostly on the outside, especially early in the game. Instead of getting the ball in his hands on quick passes and handoffs, helping Smith against a formidable Buffalo pass rush, the Jets tried to turn him into something he's not -- a downfield receiver. Harvin didn't get his first touch until the second quarter, a quick screen. By then, it was 21-7. This smacked of the Jets trying to placate Harvin, who doesn't want to be known as a gadget player. Or maybe it was Mornhinweg trying to show he's smarter than Harvin's former coaches.

7. Bravo, Saalim Hakim.

8. It didn't stop me from picking the Jets to win this game, but there was a sense in the locker room last week that the season was over. They invested a lot in the New England game, approaching it as a last stand, and the utter deflation was evident in the aftermath.

9. I asked T.J. Graham three times if they worked on that attempted throwback play in practice last week, and three times I didn't get a direct answer. Could you imagine if Harvin had thrown the lateral? It would've been Butt Fumble-esque.

10. I'll leave you with this: The Bills generated six takeaways in the game. The Jets have three for the entire season. Go ahead, feel free to scream.