Chiefs, Broncos square off for Manning

Rest assured, Romeo Crennel is not crazy.

As expected, the Kansas City Chiefs have joined the scrum for newly free Peyton Manning. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Chiefs are one of 12 teams that have reached out to Manning’s representatives since he was released by the Colts on Wednesday. Denver is also among the teams to contact Manning’s folks. The Broncos did so soon after Manning was cut.

The Chiefs’ foray into the Manning sweepstakes is not unexpected. The Chiefs have been linked to Manning for weeks. At the scouting combine last month, Crennel, the Chiefs’ head coach, said he’d be “crazy” not to show interest in Manning if the quarterback became available. Manning is available, and Crennel is not crazy. Here are my thoughts why Manning would be a nice fit in Kansas City.

There is reason to believe Denver and Kansas City can be in this race for the long haul. Schefter reports that Manning, who wants to sign with a new team within in a week, would prefer to stay in the AFC. In addition to the Broncos and the Chiefs, among the reported teams that are interested in Manning that reside in the AFC are Miami and the Jets, and there could be others.

In addition to finances, Manning is likely going to base his decision on supporting cast, and the chance to win immediately. Both Denver and Kansas City could be attractive to Manning. Here are my reasons why Manning would be interested in Denver.

Folks, this deal can get very interesting if the Broncos and the Chiefs are serious about their interest. Stay tuned. I have a feeling news will develop quickly in this process.