NFL smart to alter ticket refund policy

In talking with unhappy Pittsburgh Steelers fan Dan Powell Tuesday, he brought up a valid point that a free ticket to next year's Super Bowl isn't enough to make up for his bad experience over the weekend if his team wasn't in it.

Why would Powell, for example, spend his hard-earned money to see the Falcons play the Patriots in Super Bowl XVLI. (NOT a prediction, so don't hold me to that.)

So the NFL did the right thing this evening in announcing a second option for Powell and the approximate 400 fans who didn't have seats Sunday in Super Bowl XLV. Here is the NFL's release:

  1. One free ticket to next year’s Super Bowl game plus a cash payment of $2,400 (three times the face value of the Super Bowl XLV game ticket held by the individual). The ticket to next year’s Super Bowl game is transferable.


  2. One free ticket to a future Super Bowl game of the fan’s choice, including next year’s if so desired, plus round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations provided by the NFL. This offer will be personalized in the ticketholder’s name and is not transferable.

This gives fans like Powell a chance to potentially see the Steelers again in the Super Bowl. Free airfare and hotel lodging are also nice touches.

Of course, it will be up to Pittsburgh to hold up its end and make it to another Super Bowl in the near future. That's no easy task, but Pittsburgh has been to eight Super Bowls already.