Rapid Reaction: Saints 31, Vikings 28

Saints Capitalize On Vikings' Mistakes (2:52)

Trent Dilfer and Merrill Hoge discuss how the Saints took advantage of turnovers by the Vikings (2:52)

NEW ORLEANS -- Minnesota fans are now asking the same question that Green Bay fans asked two years ago: Did Brett Favre throw away his team’s chances to go to the Super Bowl?

Favre’s overtime interception in the 2007 NFC Championship Game led to the New York Giants’ winning score at Lambeau Field. Sunday, Favre threw an interception with seven seconds remaining in regulation, denying Minnesota a chance to attempt, an admittedly long, 55-yard game-winning field goal. New Orleans went on to win the NFC championship on the first possession of overtime, getting a 40-yard field goal from Garrett Hartley and ending the Vikings’ season one step short of Miami, site of Super Bowl XLIV.

It’s not fair to hold Favre responsible for the loss, especially in a drama-filled game that took as many turns as you’ll ever see in a postseason contest. Favre took a beating all evening from the Saints' defense, played much of the second half with a significant left ankle injury and was dealing with a tailback in Adrian Peterson who fumbled three times. Overall, the Vikings committed five turnovers – a performance that frankly made them fortunate to be within striking distance at the end of regulation.

I know it’s a clich√©, but this is the kind of game where you hate to see either team lose. It’s easily the most dramatic and hard-fought game I’ve ever seen in person.

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