On that critical interference call vs. Culliver

NEW ORLEANS -- The clock is ticking on visitors' Super Bowl stays in Louisiana, but those waiting in the airport security line wouldn't hear it over the music playing from a live band.

That's right, there's a live band playing in the New Orleans airport. These folks know how to throw a party.

I'll be boarding a plane and then making a tight connection a few hours later, so it's possible there won't be an opportunity to keep up the usual day-after-game blogging pace. I'm hoping to post a few tidbits here before boarding.

Albert Larcada of ESPN Stats & Information has come through with evidence illustrating just how much the San Francisco 49ers' chances suffered when officials flagged cornerback Chris Culliver for a 14-yard interference penalty. Culliver and coach Jim Harbaugh strongly disputed the call. That single fourth-quarter play on third-and-9 from the Baltimore 22-yard line improved the Ravens' win probability from 54 percent to 64 percent, the largest single-play gain for the Ravens' offense all game.

The Ravens won, 34-31, to claim their second Super Bowl championship.

Here's the interesting part from Larcada: "Since Joe Flacco’s rookie season in 2008, he has drawn more defensive pass interference calls than any other quarterback. He has added 51 more points than an average quarterback on pass interference calls. Eli Manning, the next best QB, has added 36 points above average."

The Ravens' receivers obviously have something to do with that as well. But if Culliver and the 49ers are seeking a small measure of consolation, they should know they haven't been the only ones on the wrong end of interference calls against Baltimore.