You make the call: Star of the next '24/7'?

The reaction to "24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the Winter Classic" -- the four-part series that provided viewers an unprecedented view of the two clubs leading up to last season's outdoor game at Heinz Field -- was so positive that HBO couldn't walk away from the project.

The drama of the Caps' struggles and the dynamics of the Penguins' 12-game winning streak and Sidney Crosby's 25-game point run provided a rare glimpse into the world of the professional athlete.

With this year's Winter Classic expected to be between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers, there are a slew of potential stars to provide entertainment. Maxime Talbot will get another opportunity to shine in front of the cameras after moving from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. And it seems a given that Rangers coach John Tortorella will be a star.

But you tell us: Who will be the star of the next "24/7"?

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TV Star?

Will the Rangers’ star netminder, Henrik Lundqvist, become a television star on '24/7'?