Bill Guerin still weighing his options

Bill Guerin still gets a taste of life on the road. But instead of 22 NHLers with him on a charter plane, it's his four kids and wife in the family car.

"I've got Philly and Valley Forge, Pa., this weekend," Guerin said with a chuckle Wednesday. "I'm still taking road trips, but it's at a different level. We're not chartering, it's on my ticket and you can see your car from the hotel room."

NHL unemployment has its silver lining.

"I'm really enjoying the time with my family; we've been doing great stuff together," Guerin told ESPN.com.

Guerin is helping with his son's squirt hockey team, the Long Island Royals.

"It's the first time I went away with him to a tournament this year," he said. "My three girls are in other sports, as well We're at fields or rinks all the time."

But ... he still hasn't called it quits on a 19-year NHL career. Not quite yet. Without tipping his hand, Guerin, who turned 40 on Tuesday, sounded closer than ever to retirement. But he has kept the door open just a crack in case a team calls.

"People are always saying, 'Some team is going to need you come this time or that time,'" Guerin said. "I'm just taking it bit by bit. I don't really have a timeline. If a day comes and I feel I've waited long enough, that'll be it. If somebody calls, I'll definitely listen to anything. Whether I jump at anything, that's a different story. I've learned in this business to never say never."

I still think Guerin can help a team in need. His kind of experience doesn't grow on trees. His voice in the dressing room can settle down a team in panic. But there haven't been any phone calls of late.

"We really haven't had anything for two to three weeks. We're just kind of letting it sit," Guerin's agent, Bob Murray, told ESPN.com on Thursday morning. "We haven't actively pursued anything of late."

Guerin has some TV work coming up with Versus. He also recently spent time with Tom Fitzgerald, an assistant to the GM for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and observed the kind of work his good friend did.

"If I don't continue playing, I don't want to be blindsided and be like, 'Hey, what do I do now?' I guess I want to be a little bit more prepared than that," Guerin said. "I'm trying to educate myself on life after hockey a little bit, and hanging out with Tommy is part of it. I would prefer to stay in the game when I'm done playing, but there's so many different levels of it. There's TV, there's being involved with a team; I just want to see what's out there."

Guerin is keeping his options open and not quite yet closing the door on playing again. For now, he's got a leg in each camp.

"That's a good way of putting it," Guerin said.