Caps GM McPhee not in rush to hire coach

Don't expect the Washington Capitals to name a new head coach before next weeks draft.

Caps GM George McPhee told reporters Thursday that they are taking their time to find the right replacement for Dale Hunter.

“It’s been narrowed down a little bit but we’ll get there when we get there,” McPhee said. “I don’t anticipate doing anything before the draft. We’ll work on that, but we’re working on other things as well.

“I think you want to make a real thoughtful decision. You have certain things in your mind in what you want in a coach and when you do it in the summer, you just have more time. There’s no need to set an artificial deadline, to have it done before the draft or have it done by summer camp."

McPhee pointed out that the Devils hired Peter DeBoer in July last offseason, then went on to advance to the Stanley Cup finals this spring.

“I think in terms of housekeeping some people like to get it done before the draft but I just don’t think it’s that important," McPhee said. "What’s important is hiring the right person and really being able to come to your team with a terrific head coach and knowing that you’ve really done a real comprehensive job in the summer of talking to these people.”