Giving the fans a voice in CBA talks

I vented on Twitter Friday morning that it’s utterly insane that this lockout is still happening.

The league says Don Fehr refuses to make a deal. The NHLPA says Gary Bettman is intent on crushing the players’ union, not making a fair deal.

Enough already.

Let’s focus on the people that really matter in this ridiculous labor impasse: those who foot the bill year in and year out.

This blog is dedicated the folks who haven’t been invited to CBA meetings and who don’t get to voice their opinion on TV.

The fans get a voice here:

I understand the complexities of this negotiation. And I get both sides’ positions. But there also has to be a reality check. This league cannot afford another year without hockey. But the players better know the league will in fact do it again unless there's a deal owners can live with. The long-term damage from this lockout is already bad enough. It’s time for a true, meaningful negotiation. Stop the bleeding.