You Make the Call: Winter Classic memories

We are inching toward the new year, the time when hockey writers everywhere are part-time weather reporters, trying to forecast what to expect on Jan. 1.

Will there be rain? Will it be too sunny? Will it be cold enough?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves.

But no. Instead, we are stuck examining the latest offer from the NHL and wondering why this lockout has dragged on so long.

Let’s forget about all of that for just a minute to remember the magic of past Winter Classics.

I’ll never forget watching the Penguins and Capitals play under the lights at Heinz Field in 2011. The rain could have ruined the event, but instead we got to watch a new moment in Winter Classic history as the puck dropped later, at night.

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And mouse over the photo below to view our gallery that can help refresh your memory.

Photo credits: ESPN.com/Getty Images/AP Photo