Avs' Matt Duchene tweets for fans

Matt Duchene is trying to boost the Avs' attendance 140 characters at a time.

The 19-year-old center joined Twitter last week as @Matt9Duchene to help the Avalanche get more fans to their games, according to the Denver Post.

"You look at our team, and we've got so much talent and guys that are worth watching, and it's discouraging to go out on a Wednesday night and see 12,000-13,000 fans," Duchene told the Denver Post on Wednesday. "I thought to myself, 'What can I do, other than continuing to try and help the team on the ice, to help it off the ice.' This was something that came right away into my head, to try to reach out.

"I feel that anytime someone feels a connection to a player, they want to go watch them more. My main motivation was to try and put more people in the seats. Because when we play in front of a full house, it's a lot more energy."

The Avalanche rank 26th in the league in attendance with an average of 14,306 fans a game.

Duchene has over 5,000 followers, but is still learning how the social networking website works.

"I still don't know how the thing works, basically. I just know how to write stuff," he told the Denver Post.

He is already following @Real_ESPNLeBrun. Hopefully, he'll add @ESPN_Burnside and @ESPN_NHL to his list.