New Hurricanes unis: Now less interesting

The Carolina Hurricanes' new uniforms have certainly gone minimalist. Courtesy of Carolina Hurricanes

Meet the new Canes -- more or less the same but definitely less interesting than the old Canes.

That's the takeaway from today's uniform unveiling at the PNC Arena as the Carolina Hurricanes unveiled a new uniform set. You can see a before-and-after comparison of the old and new uniform sets here.

You've probably spotted most of the changes already, but here's a rundown:

• The jersey crest is now about 15 percent smaller.

• The outlined faux shoulder yokes have been eliminated, with the road jersey now featuring a genuine yoke. The new home jersey is yoke-free.

• In a really unfortunate move, the warning flag pattern near the bottom of the jersey, which had been the team's secondary visual signature, has been eliminated and replaced by a generic striping. (It will now be used on the inner collar, but nobody will see it there.)

• The shoulder patches have been removed.

• The pants are now solid red, with no stripes or accents.

• The gloves will be mostly red, with only minor white accents.

• Numbering and lettering on the back of the jerseys will feature a no-nonsense font.

• The black alternate uniform will remain as part of the team's wardrobe rotation.

All in all, not an ugly uniform set, but definitely a downgrade. That home uni looks so generic, so minimalist, and the loss of the warning flag pattern robs the team of a big share of its identity. Disappointing.

Still to come: The Stars will unveil their new uniforms Tuesday night.