Chevelle: What the Cup means to me

Harry How/Getty Images

When I think about the Stanley Cup, I think of the image of Andrew Shaw in the 2013 finals win against the Boston Bruins, bloodied up, hoisting the Cup high, full of excitement, dropping F-bombs and not caring who hears it!

To me, that image encompasses what it takes to be a champion. Shaw, being a smaller guy in the size spectrum of the NHL, has made his mark by being a hard-working, physical forward. He had taken a puck to the face in that game and fought through the pain to stay out on the ice and be part of one of the most incredible wins in NHL history.

Being a touring musician for the past decade and in a declining music industry, I have learned that stubborn tenacity is what it takes to be successful in any venture I have attempted.


Dean Bernardini is the bass guitarist for Chevelle.