Captains Ovechkin, Toews agree to start Winter Classic on time

WASHINGTON -- Although there was much debate about whether the bright sun -- which created some glare issues in the days leading up to the Winter Classic -- would force the game’s start to be delayed, the teams agreed that they would proceed as scheduled.

The two captains, Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks and Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals, talked to their respective goaltenders and then met briefly to confirm that starting on time was doable.

“Well, I'm pretty sure him and I, because we are the captains and with the goalies, made the decision -- especially the goalies, and they just said, yeah, we're ready to go and we're just going to play 10 minutes and then switch the sides,” Ovechkin said.

League and players’ association officials were also involved in the decision not to delay the game’s start.

The two teams traded ends at the midpoint of the first period. It did appear the sun/shadow issue might have been a factor in Chicago’s first goal (a power-play marker by Patrick Sharp), but the sunlight ceased to be a factor by the second period.