Rumblings: Wings will only add D-man for right price

We’ve yet to hear from the Detroit Red Wings before the trade deadline, and if indeed we never do, know that the Wings' front office can live with that reality.

Now, it’s not as if they’re not looking. It would certainly be nice to add a right-handed defenseman, and there’s no question the Wings are interested in Jeff Petry and Zbynek Michalek for that reason -- perhaps a little more interested in Petry.

But it’s about the price.

I think if Detroit can get Petry for a second-round pick or a middling prospect, then sure, maybe there’s a deal. But they’re not giving up one of their top youngsters. I don’t think the Wings feel the return is worth it.

Again, the future is just as important as the present for the Wings, who are remarkably retooling on the fly with great success.

They will act before Monday’s deadline if they can do it for a modest price.