Senators had talks with Leafs about obtaining Clarkson

Turns out the Columbus Blue Jackets weren't the only team intrigued by the idea of giving David Clarkson a change of scenery.

Sources tell ESPN.com that the Ottawa Senators had a few conversations with the Toronto Maple Leafs about a Clarkson trade, with the idea that perhaps the right winger could rediscover himself in Canada's capital.

In a way, it's not a surprise because the Senators tried hard to sign Clarkson when he was a free agent two years ago, but lost out to the Maple Leafs.

Not exactly sure how far the Ottawa-Toronto trade conversation went, but I know the Senators finally decided that the money wouldn't work. The term left on Clarkson's deal, I think, scared off the Senators. Clarkson has five more years on his deal after this season, with a $5.25 million cap hit.