Bruins need to make a decision about Claude Julien now

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

As the vacant coaching positions fill up around the league, we still await a decision from the Boston Bruins about the future of Claude Julien.

Allow me to rant just a little.

At some point soon, this is becoming a little ridiculous.

It’s been six weeks and counting, and the veteran head coach is still twisting in the wind. And if he does end up fired, most of the other jobs are gobbled now.

I agreed with the Bruins' original decision after Peter Chiarelli was fired to wait until a new general manager was hired to decide Julien’s fate. That makes sense to me.

And certainly had a new GM been hired from the outside, you would understand that he would need some time to get to know Julien before making a decision.

But the fact that the GM was an in-house promotion -- and I think Don Sweeney is going to be a very good GM -- what's the wait now? What does Sweeney not know about Julien now that he didn’t know for the past eight years Julien has been behind the Bruins' bench?

I mean, it’s getting to the point where it’s almost unfair. Make a decision, fire him or keep him, but decide already. It’s not just Julien; he has two assistant coaches whose fates also hang in the balance.

Let’s go Boston. Get on with it.