Rumblings: Don't expect Stanley Cup to be late again

Jonathan Toews had to wait to get the Cup from commissioner Gary Bettman when a storm delayed Lord Stanley's arrival. Dave Sandford/NHLI/Getty Images

Not that the Chicago Blackhawks players complained a whole lot because it meant the party lasted even longer, but June's awkward delay in the Stanley Cup arriving on the ice after the Blackhawks clinched the championship is guaranteed to not ever happen again.

That's because the NHL and the Hockey Hall of Fame will tweak protocol to ensure such an occurrence won't repeat itself.

"The Cup will be in the custody of NHL Security at all times during the finals," Jeff Denomme, the president and CEO of the Hockey Hall of Fame, said in an email. "In the past, the Cup would be with the Hall's Cup Keepers at a hotel away from players and media. Accordingly, certain pregame publicity elements will be revisited."

On clinching night in Chicago in June, a crazy early summer storm flooded numerous streets in Chicago and made traffic absolutely chaotic, so despite leaving very early from an airport-area hotel and getting a police escort, the Cup showed up late to the game and made everyone -- including commissioner Gary Bettman -- wait uncomfortably for it.

To be fair, whose to blame for such a crazy storm, right?

Still, better safe than sorry and, from now on, you better believe NHL security will have the Cup on site all day long on clinching day.