Rumblings: Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin active on phones

My pal Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet mentioned this weekend to keep an eye on the Montreal Canadiens, because they were looking to add, although he didn’t know when exactly.

One never does with Montreal general manager Marc Bergevin. He is very sleuth-like in his maneuverings, and his deals tend to come without any prior rumblings.

But I can tell you one thing about Bergevin: He is among the more active GMs in the league again this season in terms of reaching out to his fellow GMs around the league. And he does so in a very methodical way, every single week talking to a number of teams just to catch up and stay informed on where those teams are. He tries never to go more than three weeks without circling back to almost every team.

It’s his way of staying on top of things and not missing out on potential opportunities.

It’s how he has proceeded since the day he was hired as Canadiens GM.