Concussion lawsuit against NHL grows

Grant Ledyard is part of a group of players who have joined the concussion lawsuit. Getty Images

Twelve more former NHL players, including one who became a longtime NHL referee, have joined a lawsuit claiming the league was negligent in informing them about the dangers of concussions and concussion-related injuries.

There are now about 115 players involved in the suit.

The newest group of complainants who are alleging the league concealed information regarding possible neurological problems related to repeated blows to the head includes Paul Stewart, who played in just 21 NHL games but went on to referee more than 1,000 regular-season games.

Also joining the lawsuit is Grant Ledyard, who played in 1,028 games for nine different teams.

The rest of the group ranges dramatically in NHL experience from two games (Nikos Tselios) to 438 games (Steve Jensen).

Dale Purinton, an enforcer with the New York Rangers who accumulated 578 penalty minutes to go along with four goals in 181 games, is also among the new group to join the suit.

The new complaints were filed, like the others, in United States District Court in Minnesota.

No trial date has been set.