Jaromir Jagr says Peyton Manning shouldn't retire

Jaromir Jagr concedes his view on retirement is different than nearly everyone else’s. He is, after all, still playing in the NHL at 43 years old (he turns 44 on Feb. 15) and showing no signs of hanging it up.

So when he was asked about the idea of Peyton Manning going out on top after winning Sunday’s Super Bowl, he disagreed it is the way to go -- completely.

"I don’t think he’s going to retire, I think he’s going to play," Jagr said of Manning. "I don’t know him personally; he’s going to listen to a lot of bulls--- from media. 'He’s not good anymore and he’s too old.' But they won it. Maybe if you put some different quarterback in that team, he would try to do it on their own and the defense wouldn’t have a chance to do it and they never win. You know what I mean?"

Retiring after winning a championship for an older player is viewed as the ideal. It’s going out on top and on your own terms.

That’s not a view shared by Jagr.

"Why do you want to retire when your team won the championship? It wouldn’t make sense to me. I’m always thinking differently than everybody else. Why you should retire on the top? I don’t get it," Jagr said. "People say you should retire when you’re the best. What’s the reason? It doesn’t make sense to me. Are you wanting to die when you hit 35 when you feel the best? You know what I mean?"


At the very least we can conclude that Jagr won't retire if he and the surprising Florida Panthers win a Stanley Cup this spring.

"Why you want to die at 35? Because you're going to feel worse at 36?" Jagr asked. "It doesn't make sense to me. That's how I look at it."