Rumblings: Canucks considering options for acquiring Evander Kane

Will the Canucks make an offer for the Jets' Evander Kane before the trade deadline or wait until the offseason? Brad Watson/NHLI/Getty Images

Will the Winnipeg Jets trade Evander Kane before the March 2 deadline or wait until the offseason?

That remains undecided as far as we can tell within the Jets' front office.

Of course, it depends on how serious the bids get.

Ottawa reached out to Winnipeg on Kane, but it doesn't sound as if the Senators are really in the mix at this point. Though Kane fits Ottawa's desire to find a young, top-six forward similar to how the Sens traded for Bobby Ryan a few seasons ago, Winnipeg's price tag could be too rich. Namely that a first-round pick is part of the asking price, plus a roster player and a top-rated prospect.

I can't imagine Ottawa would ever consider that given that the Sens are lottery-bound this season heading toward a great draft.

Certainly the Vancouver Canucks are among the teams keenly interested in Kane. He's a Vancouver native and that's no small detail. The Canucks still hear about it from their fan base that native stars such as Milan Lucic and Brendan Gallagher are shining on other NHL teams. It's a fan base craving a local star.

The debate for Vancouver is that, while it would make more sense to wait until the offseason to make a play for Kane, because the Canucks are trying to make the playoffs and Kane won't play again until next season, the danger in waiting is that Winnipeg could move him before the March 2 deadline.

So if you're Vancouver, and you really want Kane, can you afford to not make an offer now?

Then again, what if that first-round pick you throw in the package suddenly becomes a top-10 pick if your season unravels in the final month of the season?

Lots of things to consider here for the Canucks.

My colleague Bob McKenzie of TSN reported Tuesday evening during our Insider Trading segment that the Buffalo Sabres are pushing hard on the Kane front. They've got three first-round picks, and could part with either the St. Louis Blues pick or the New York Islanders pick in a Kane deal, among other assets.

Again, whether the Jets wait until the offseason remains to be seen. But rival executives believe there's too much pressure on the Jets to make the playoffs to not make the best deal available before March 2.