Clarifying Notre Dame's ACC arrangement

Big news today now that Notre Dame's move to the ACC will take place on July 1, but this will have little impact on football this fall. Since I've been getting plenty of questions about it, here's a quick refresher course for what this means on the gridiron:

What bowl lineup is Notre Dame a part of in the 2013-14 season?

None. The Irish had two bowl partnerships that lasted through this fall, one of which, the Champs Sports Bowl, had a one-in-every-four-years Big East replacement clause for Notre Dame, which the Irish used up in 2011 by playing Florida State there. Notre Dame has to make a BCS-bowl game this season or essentially become a free agent replacement for a conference that does not fill its bowl slots. The New Era Pinstripe Bowl can take Notre Dame if the Big 12 cannot fill its slots.

What will Notre Dame's bowl affiliation be after this season?

Starting in the 2014 season -- and coinciding with the new college football playoff -- Notre Dame could step over an ACC team and take its place in one of the non-BCS bowls if its record is better than, equal to or within one win of the ACC team or ranked higher in the BCS standings. Notre Dame would share in the revenues if selected to any of those bowls, and get an expenses allowance. If Notre Dame is picked for a BCS game, it would keep its revenues from that appearance.

The highest-ranked available team from Notre Dame, the Big Ten team or the SEC will face the ACC champion in the Orange Bowl starting Jan. 1, 2015. The Big Ten and SEC teams must appear at least three times each during the 12-year life of the deal, while Notre Dame can appear in the game a maximum of only two times. There is no minimum number of requirements by Notre Dame.

In years when the ACC champion or another ACC team qualifies for the four-team national semifinals, then the next highest-ranked ACC team would play in the Orange Bowl.

When the Orange Bowl hosts the national semifinals, the ACC champion and the highest-ranked available team from Notre Dame, the Big Ten or the SEC will be placed in an access bowl instead.

When does the football affiliation with the ACC begin?

Notre Dame plans to play five ACC schools a year starting in 2014, with every ACC team facing Notre Dame at least once in a three-year period.