Cowherd: Notre Dame schedule is 'perfect'

ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd went on a 7-plus-minute rant Tuesday on the Thundering Herd, defending the schedule that Notre Dame plays year in and year out, in light of Michigan coach Brady Hoke's comments one day earlier about the Irish "chickening out" of their series with the Wolverines.

Cowherd goes down the line and cites some of Notre Dame's upcoming series, in addition to its new five-game-a-year ACC schedule, crediting the school for getting to the South, Texas and California annually while saying it does not lose a whole lot by dropping the Michigan series.

"So I'll defend Notre Dame on this. I'm defending them; their schedule is perfect. They've got two Western trips, two Texas trips ,now they're in the ACC, the Carolinas has good high school football. It's very easy to take shots at them. I've got news for you, you start looking at their schedule, there are a lot worse schedules in college football than Notre Dame's. Over the next year they go and play Oklahoma again, USC, Stanford, Arizona State. They don't have any Towson States in there."

Cowherd goes off at the end, saying he can name plenty of schools next year that play far easier schedules than the Irish.

Even two-time defending national champion Alabama.

"Give me Alabama's schedule next year, go look at Alabama's schedule right now. 'Oh, the great Alabama.' Let me see that then. And this is the great SEC, right? It's unbelievable. Let's read it right now for you, 2013, here's your tough schedule. Alabama, OK: At Texas A&M, tough as heck. Colorado State, Georgia State, at Kentucky, Tennessee's a mess, Chattanooga Mocs, Auburn's a mess -- that's a real toughie. They get LSU at home, They don't have to play Georgia — they don't have to play Georgia! Don't have to play Florida, don't have to play South Carolina. They've got three of the best teams in their conference and they're not on their schedule, and they face something called the Chattanooga Mocs?

"Six of those teams on that schedule are in the toilet. Their toughest game honestly is their second game of the year, Texas A&M. What do you know? They've got a bye before that, because Saban pretty much runs the conference. By the way they also face LSU, they get a bye before that. So they get a bye before each of their toughest games. Saban runs that conference. He does. He doesn't have to play Florida again, he doesn't have to play Georgia again, he doesn't have to play South Carolina again. Saban is running that conference.

"By the way, their bye? They could have lost three games last year. Any time they need a bye it just magically appears on the schedule."

The Notre Dame schedule discussion starts in the 25th minute of the show. You can listen to it here.