Kelly reaffirms Irish's independence wishes

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Three straight games against ACC opponents, including two in the conference's territory, will give Notre Dame fans plenty of time to think about the potential ramifications of conference realignment.

For Brian Kelly, however, that's not reality. The Irish are independent, and he's happy that way.

"I think I have an opinion," Kelly said when asked if he has a voice at the administrative table when realignment talk arises. "[Jack Swarbrick's] always been great in communicating with me about what my thoughts are. And we look at everything. We look at, all right, recruiting, your offense -- is it unique within that particular conference? Your defense. All of those things go into the conversation.

"But I think it's been stated several times we're going to do everything we can to be independent. We believe that that's our future. We just have to see what the future of college football looks like. I think that's probably the bigger question."

Notre Dame travels to Wake Forest this weekend before playing a home game against Maryland in Landover, Md. The Irish host Boston College a week later.