Derek Carr's Total QBR 24th in Week 1

If Derek Carr was told prior to his first NFL start, he would have a better Total QBR ranking than Tom Brady, Eli Manning and Tony Romo, I'm sure he'd take it.

And that's exactly what Carr accomplished in Week 1 in a 19-14 loss at the New York Jets. Carr, the first rookie quarterback to start this season, outscored those three accomplished quarterbacks.

However, Carr's total QBR was not a good one, either. It was 32.6 and the 24th highest of the weekend. Total QBR rates a quarterback's complete contribution to his team. A score of 50 is considered good.

One of the reasons why Carr didn't have a high Total QBR rating was he didn't throw many long passes. The Raiders were conservative with the Fresno State prospect. His average per yard attempt was 4.59, which was third lowest in the NFL in Week. 1.