Mailbag: Raiders have improved coaching staff

Weekend mail call:

George from Stockton, California, wants to know if I think the Oakland Raiders' coaching staff has improved.

Bill Williamson: I do believe so, yes. It starts with Jack Del Rio at head coach. I love his experience in the league. As for his staff, I think the stars of the group are offensive line coach Mike Tice and special teams coach Brad Seely. They both have sterling reputations and are considered among the best at their craft. I think we will see the results on the field.

Henry from Fairbanks, Alaska, wants to know if I think the Raiders could pursue Carolina pass-rusher Greg Hardy if he becomes available.

BW: Well, first we have to see if the NFL disciplines him for his off-field history and if the Panthers keep him. If Hardy does become available, I'm still not sure the Raiders would pursue him. Yes, Hardy would be a great on-field fit. But Oakland general manager Reggie McKenzie tries to stay away from players with character issues. So, it'd be a bit of an upset if Hardy ended up in Oakland.

Scott from Apple Valley, California, wants to know if I think the Raiders could trade down from the No. 4 spot in the first round of the draft.

BW: Yes, I think it's possible. I do believe Oakland would like to stockpile picks. Plus, their two top need areas, receiver and pass-rusher, are deep. So, if the Raiders can get down to the No. 10-12 range, I think they'd be thrilled.