KD: Never think about playing for Wizards

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Sitting at his locker pregame with a larger-than-usual media contingent surrounding him, Kevin Durant knew the questions were coming.

With the Oklahoma City Thunder in Washington, D.C., to play the Wizards, his future free agency in 2016 and the possibility of returning to his hometown were inevitably going to be brought up.

"I've never thought about it, to be honest," Durant said of playing for the Wizards. "I mean, I hear it in the summertime. I heard it for the first time this summer. That's when it started heating up. I love playing for Oklahoma City, man. There's just a certain level of pride that I have when I play with that Oklahoma City on my chest.

"So that's the only thing I'm focused on. Everybody knows that I represent where I come from that no matter where I play at, no matter what arena. But I'm just focused on playing with Oklahoma City. It feels like home now. That's where I am."

Durant is well aware of the chatter and building social media movements about a possible return home but didn't have much of an opinion on how he feels about it.

"It's cool," he said. "It's cool.

"Um," he said, pausing briefly. "Ummm, it's cool."

Fans in D.C. are preparing for Durant's visit, with some viewing it as a recruiting trip of sorts, but Wizards coach Randy Wittman isn't too keen on the fascination surrounding an opposing player.

"Don't like it," he said with a smile. "No, anytime [someone is in their] hometown, we all go through it as players. Where you grow up, come back to play is always a special time. You might not think it is but it is deep down … you get a lot of people and family and friends, and those are always games you kind of look at and see when you will be there, especially if you are only going to be there one time [a season]."

The Wizards have built a strong team, one that could potentially intrigue Durant down the line as a contender worth signing with. But he hasn't watched them extra closely this season.

"I'm not one of those guys that watches everybody," he said. "Obviously, I look at the standings and see how well they're doing, but unless we're playing them, I don't really watch basketball. They're a really good team. Don't get me wrong: I'm not taking anything away from them, but I don't sit there and dissect every team unless we're playing them."

The Wizards' young backcourt of John Wall and Bradley Beal is the core of the team, a talented duo that has impressed Durant.

"They're really good players, man. They're growing," he said "I know John personally, just from him playing here in my hometown. You can see his growth, and Bradley as well, so they're really good. They're playing well."

Durant said last season he had to fill 100 ticket requests when he played in D.C. How many for Wednesday's game?

"Not a hundred, but it was 91," he said.

Wait, who are the nine friends that didn't make the cut?

"I'm going to keep that internal."