German uniforms scream 'Brady Bunch,' not protest

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) said the uniforms "are not a protest" of Russia's anti-gay law. Lars Baron/Getty Images

PARK CITY, Utah -- So is the German Olympic team making a political statement with this rainbow-hued uniform? Or is it simply trying to top the old Houston Astros' rainbow jerseys for the worst look in the history of sports?

I suspect the latter.

Few Olympic federations are willing to go out on a limb to make a strong political statement. They are, however, quite willing to make bad fashion statements.

Remember the horizontally striped, "Where's Waldo?"-style Swedish uniforms from London in 2012? Or Russia? Or Malaysia? And when you have winter coats to add, so much the better.

Plus, I would imagine whatever fashion company responsible for this mess was drawing up the designs months before Russian president Vladimir Putin signed the new anti-gay law. I mean, you don't come up with something that ugly overnight. It takes months and months of carefully planning. I know! How about we add orange-patterned pants in a salute to Marcia Brady?!?!

Many people probably are eager to see what political reaction the uniforms get when the German team marches into Olympic stadium during the opening ceremonies in Sochi. Personally, I am more eager to see what Joan Rivers has to say about them on "Fashion Police."