If fans have their way, Lakers will hang Kobe Bryant's #8 and #24

Should Lakers retire Kobe's No. 8 and 24? (0:59)

Ryan Clark joins His and Hers and explains why he believes the Lakers should retire both Kobe Bryant's jersey No. 8 and 24. (0:59)

Whether it's because Lakers fans first saw Kobe Bryant throw down a thunderous dunk wearing his #8 jersey or because they rushed out to buy a #24 one once Bryant announced this would be his final season for the Los Angeles Lakers, supporters of Bryant have seemed inclined to refuse to choose between the two. The organization itself seems undecided on the matter as well, with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak saying, "Obviously, it's going to be 8, 24 or it could be both."

It's tradition for teams to retire the jerseys of their greatest players, but it's usually only one jersey that is chosen. Bryant initiated the switch from #8 to #24 in 2006, so once he retires, he will have played ten seasons in each jersey. Even as the rest of the basketball world has begun to weigh in on his relative greatness in the game, Bryant has expressed that he has no particular preference on the issue of which number is retired.

Whether due partly to his marriage to a Mexican-American, Vanessa, or Bryant's own ability to speak Spanish, or his twenty years playing for the City of Angels, the Latino community in Los Angeles has long embraced the basketball star. Their inclination on the issue has been to buy both sets of jerseys and support the idea of the Lakers retiring two numbers for one star.

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