Adrian Gonzalez proposes friendly bet with Buster Olney that Dodgers will make playoffs

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It's sports media's duty to make predictions, and it's the job of athletes to use those forecasts as extra motivation and prove prognosticators wrong. When Adrian Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Dodgers saw that ESPN's Buster Olney didn't predict L.A. to make the playoffs on Twitter, he didn't just shrug the conjecture off.

Instead, the Mexican-American slugger decided to make sure Olney would back his picks.

In Gonzalez's defense, the Dodgers did make the playoffs last season before getting eliminated by the New York Mets in the National League Divisional Series. Los Angeles will look to return to the postseason under the guidance of its new manager, Dave Roberts.

Olney, meanwhile, hasn't yet accepted Gonzalez's bet. He also hasn't specified what Gonzalez may have to do if Olney's prediction does prove true. The MLB and ESPN Insider did seem amenable to a deal, however.

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