Adrian Gonzalez's throwback a reminder of how Mexico developed his skills

The star slugger for the Los Angeles Dodgers was born in California, but it was south of the border where Adrian Gonzalez first learned to play baseball. Tijuana, Mexico, was where Gonzalez first developed his skills and game.

The first baseman provided the world with a reminder of his past by posting a recent Twitter photo, challenging his followers to find him in a team shot of his youth from his days in Tijuana.

If it's hard to pick out the child from the image of the man Gonzalez has become, another photo from around the same time posted by a follower might help clue people in to what Gonzalez looked like as a young player in uniform.

It's not hard to understand the loyalty Gonzalez has for Mexico, playing regularly for his country's team in the World Baseball Classic, given how his game grew and was nurtured during his time there.

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