Life lessons from Ozzie Guillen -- don't mess with Michael Jordan

Venezuelan baseball player Ozzie Guillen learned a lot of lessons during his time in MLB. Some of those lessons Guillen utilized as a coach after his playing days were done and they perhaps helped him guide the Chicago White Sox to a World Series win in 2005. He remains the only Latin-American born manager in history with a World Series championship to date.

Known for his hustle and grit during his playing days, Guillen was a teammate of Michael Jordan's during the basketball great's foray into baseball. Jordan signed a minor-league contract with the Chicago White Sox in 1994 and played with the team during spring training, though never in an actual MLB game.

In a specially animated video feature, Guillen shares with ESPN the story of what he learned from a pickup game against Jordan. Guillen and teammate Joey Cora, a Puerto Rican player who was only 5'7, tried to take on the hoops legend together.

Jordan would eventually return to basketball and win three more NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls. Guillen now coaches in Venezuela.

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