Chavez Ravine welcomes Chavez, then Ravin, in Dodgers' win

For those aware of Los Angeles Dodgers history, there was an interesting moment in Monday's victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It wasn't the anticipated homecoming of former Dodgers' pitcher Zack Greinke, however. The Dodgers' lineup handled their former ace just fine, blasting five home runs.

Instead, it was two relief pitchers whose surnames provided a worthy side note.

Jesse Chavez and Josh Ravin pitched the eighth and ninth innings of the game in relief, sealing up the Dodgers' win.

Chavez. Ravin.

It's not just that Dodgers Stadium is located at Chavez Ravine. There's also some contentious history associated with how the Dodgers arrived at the site in 1959. The clearing out of the mostly Mexican-American community living there under the idea that affordable housing would be built on the land. Instead, it later became a a stadium. The action to clear out the final remaining families became known as the "Battle of Chavez Ravine." Though many Hispanics have moved past that to become avid fans of the team, especially after the era of star pitcher Fernando Valenzuela, the legacy of Chavez Ravine has not been forgotten.

Both Chavez, who joined the Dodgers last month, and Ravin, who joined them last year, are from Southern California.

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