How Mexican fans reacted to Tony Romo's retirement

Tony Romo announced his retirement from the Cowboys to become a CBS broadcaster. Tom Pennington/Getty Images

MEXICO CITY -- The retirement of Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo has spawned more than its share of reactions from NFL fans across the world. In Mexico, where many have identified with Romo because of his heritage, the effect was almost as acute as it was in the United States.

Born Antonio Ramiro Romo, Romo is the grandson of Mexican immigrants and will go down among the elite Latino players in NFL history. His announcement was met with a touch of humor on social media, as Romo was unofficially roasted.

“So long, cowboy,” said one.

Along the same lines, Romo's injury history was often referenced.

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“I forgot this was broken... I don't want to play with you anymore.”

“Sure he got injured, only won two playoff games, never won a Super Bowl, but there goes one of the best QBs this franchise ever had.”

Again, a lot of these had to do with Romo's constant time on the injury list.

Some Cowboy fans, however, were less reverential.

Others will miss the opportunity to troll Romo and Cowboys fans.

It's hard to say goodbye.

Denver is a popular team in Mexico. “Tell us the one about Romo joining the Broncos!”