Auston Matthews, hockey's newest star, has Latino heritage

If Auston Matthews' name didn't tip off many hockey fans to his Mexican roots, perhaps his nickname of "Papi" will do the trick.

Matthews' mom, Ema, who is from Hermosillo, Mexico, and his father, Brian, made considerable sacrifices to help their son in his chosen career. Ema worked two jobs to help pay the hockey fees for his early teams. It wasn't easy getting ice time for a child growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ema even moved to Switzerland in 2015 to live with Auston while he played a season in a league there before the draft. She cooked some of his favorite meals there, such as tortilla soup. His eldest sister, Alex, joined them on a break from college to help Auston keep up with his online studies.

Now the whole family is celebrating Matthews' historic debut, in which he scored more goals in his first game than any NHL rookie in history. The Toronto Maple Leafs still lost the game, however, so another milestone will come when he helps the team to their first win.

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